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fdm ferra data models

fdm ferra data models is a mobile application for iOS (Apple) devices developed by Ferra Asset Management (Pty) Ltd.

With fdm you can download data from FRED, STATSSA or import from your own CSV files.

After downloading data, you can create reports with tables and plots of aggregate values, accumulations and growth rates, seasonal averages and more.

Then use the built in mathematical programming language to perform data series and matrix calculations with and to forecast and analyse and report. Use it to construct models using the built in support for

fdm performs calculations using the same numerical engine used to construct Nap1, Ferra's number theory application. This means calculations are performed to arbitrary precision. Use one of the many examples included with the app to calculate π or e to 1,000 digits for example, right there on your mobile device.

fdm is sold on an annual subscription basis. The first three months are free. You can sign up today via the app store.

fdm uses uses pixelglow's ZipZap library to unzip STATSSA files with, see github.com/pixelglow/zipzap for more information.

Support for fdm is provided via email and requires a valid subscription. More details, including the support email address and the transaction log used to validate your subscription, are available inside the app.

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